Alexander Glinkin


Kyiv, Ukraine


The Kyiv Art Institute
B.A. Degree

Art college
Kyiv, Ukraine
Certification in Sculpting and Restoration Of Architectural Elements

The City University of New York

Oriental Boulevard Broklyn, N.Y. 11235
A.S. Degree in Marketing Management

The Reflector. Presence of the touch of ink.
Natalie Samovich, September 2015

 “Any true dedication to a calling is a long term affair that resists prioritization, contingencies and even basic human needs. A state of being that is open to experience, analysis and resulting in translation of these states into a visual language is a medium of visualization. The collection of works is a testimony to this dedication.

The state of focus and the resulting flow in creating this visual language of the complex layering is present in all the works of the artist. There is no distraction presented, there is no deviation from the chosen artistic approach in these works.

The flow of events, states of mind, reactions to immediate presence are woven into the canvases by numerous touches of ink created between 1995-2005.

This artistic approach eliminates the need of study drawings, carefully calculated proportions, preliminary sketches, or any kind of planned approach and intermediation.

This series of works, selected by the artist should be experienced visually and consciously. The result is left open to personal multilayered interpretations. Nevertheless, time, place, accents, distinct objects and subject matter are overpowered by fluid rules of flow.

Meanwhile the biggest challenge the body of work poses to the viewer is an attempt to understand what holds these multilayered complex works together, what makes the viewer perceive the whole prior to deciphering characters and objects.

Reflect, experience and interpret this multitude of touches of ink.