The Kiev Young Artists Exhibition, Kyiv 1980

The Art College Students Exhibition, Kyiv 1985

The Ukrainian Sculpture Exhibition, Kyiv 1987

The Contemporary Ukrainian Art Exhibition, Lviv 1990

Montserrat Gallery, New York 1997

Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York 1997

Kalinka Gallery, Geneva 1998

Gravitec Gallery, Geneva 1999

Polish House, Berlin 2000

Russian House, Berlin 2001

European Art Show, Hamburg 2001                         

Efcologallery,Berlin 2001

Museum of Shalom Aleichem, Kyiv 2016

Gallery Pecherska, Kyiv 2016

Department of Culture of Ukraine 2017

Green Room, Cologne, 2022

Kunstraum gallery, Cologne, 2022

Unperfecthouse, Essen, 2022

A-Buna Gallery, Cologne, 2022

Arrival Room, Saarbrucken, 2023

Der Landtag des Saarlandes, 2023

Accompanying Cultural Program for The Karls Prize, Stadtbad Aachen, 2023